MTEC is a public-private partnership that is authorized to serve by the Department of Defense to promote the development and delivery of innovative medical technologies to improve the health and safety of military personnel, veterans, and civilians.

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Who We Are

The Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium is a 501(c)(3) biomedical technology consortium that is internationally-dispersed, collaborating with multiple government agencies under a 10-year renewable Other Transaction Agreement with the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command. The consortium focuses on the development of medical solutions that protect, treat, and optimize the health and performance of U.S. military personnel and civilians.

From the Chair

Ellen Embrey Photo

      Ellen Embrey, MTEC Chair

In my inaugural year as Chair of the MTEC Board, I am both honored to serve and impressed by my fellow MTEC Board members, MTEC leadership and the MTEC community. 2022 proved to be yet another growth year for the organization. We achieved a membership milestone by exceeding 600 members. We have distributed over $700M in funding since inception. We have deepened relations with all member stakeholder sets – sponsors, collaborators, industry, academic institutions, foundations and investors. We are actively building out our investor network in order to address member gap funding needs. We are collaborating with federal health agencies and enhancing relations with the Defense Health Agency (DHA) as the US Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) consolidates defense health R&D investments and service.

2022 presented new opportunities for MTEC leadership, including sponsorship of military medical fellowships in collaboration with the American Psychiatric Association Foundation (APAF), the Milken Institute Health Summit, the American Brain Coalition, and the Orthopedic Research and Education Foundation, to name a few. These efforts have been years in the making. MTEC’s dedication to serving you, sponsors, members and stakeholders, is the foundation on which these opportunities are built.

Special thanks to our professional staff who continue to be high performing, especially with communications and outreach to all of you. We hosted a record number of webinars, events, scouting and pitch competitions. Our team is building commercialization services, subject matter expert networks through our M-Corps Partners, and a growing portfolio of projects selected for funding by our sponsors.

We look forward to growing and learning with you in 2023 to keep our military medical enterprise healthier and stronger than ever.


Ellen Embrey

MTEC Chair

MTEC Leadership

MTEC Board of Directors

Ellen Embrey Photo

Ellen Embrey


Christopher Hlubb

Small Business Representative

Photo of Pierre Noel

Dr. Pierre Noel

Academia/ Not-for-Profit Board Representative

Dr. Andrew Omidvar Photo

Dr. Andrew Omidvar, MBA

Large Business Representative

Dr. Ron Poropatich Photo

Dr. Ron Poropatich

At Large Board Representative

Amy Salzhauer McMarlin

Amy Salzhauer

At Large Board Representative

Peter Soderberg

Peter H. Soderberg

At Large Board Representative

Dr. Ross Donaldson

At Large Board Representative

Michael Brown

At Large Board Representative

Mike Black

At Large Board Representative

James Cummings

At Large Board Representative

MTEC Leadership

Dr. Shawn J. Green


Julia Martin Photo

Julia Martin

Chief Financial Officer

Jill Sorensen

Jill Sorensen

Chief Development Officer

Kathy Zolman Photo

Kathy Zolman

Chief of Consortium Operations

Lauren Palestrini Photo

Dr. Lauren Palestrini

Chief Science Officer

Chris Steele

Chief of Strategy

Rebecca Harmon Photo

Rebecca Harmon

Chief Contracting & Compliance Officer

Dr. Susan Raymond Photo

Dr. Susan Raymond

Director of Strategic Funding

Richard Satcher Photo

Richard Satcher

Director of Commercialization

Bill Evans Photo

Bill Evans


MTEC Advisors

William Howell

President Emeritus

Dave Hood Photo

Dave Hood

MTEC Senior Advisor

Donna Boston Photo

Dr. Stuart Tyner

MTEC Senior Advisor

Donna Boston Photo

Donna Boston

MTEC Senior Advisor

Paul Maschek Photo

George V Ludwig

MTEC Senior Advisor


Kate Golden Photo

Kate Golden

Foundation Relations

Chuck Hutti Photo

Dr. Chuck Hutti

Biomedical Research Associate

Dr. Seth Tomblyn

Research Project Analyst

Evan Kellinger Photo

Evan Kellinger

Program Manager

John Steblein

Sr. Project Manager

Brandi Abbott Photo

Brandi Abbott

Project Manager

Madison Bell Photo

Madison Bell

Communications & Marketing Manager

Elizabeth Barton Photo

Elizabeth Barton

Executive Assistant

Kim Eldelman Photo

Kim Edelman

Program Administrator

Victoria Dux Photo

Victoria Dux

Senior Program Assistant

Taylor Hummell Photo

Taylor Hummell

Contracts Manager II

Photo of Mary Kate Knudsen

Mary Kate Knudsen

Contracts Administrator

Charlotte Getsey

Sr. Subcontracts Administrator

Photo of Sarah Teuscher

Sarah Teuscher

Subcontracts Administrator II

Brittany Nunnally

Subcontracts Administrator II

Kasandra Kloc

Subcontracts Administrator

Heather Benson Photo

Heather Benson

Sr. Accounting Manager

Jena Garrett Photo

Jena Garrett

Sr. Financial Analyst

Paul Maschek Photo

Paul Maschek

Entity Financial Analyst