Stacey Lindbergh, MHA, MTEC Executive Director and Dr. Lester Martinez Lopez, MPH, Major General (Ret), U.S. Army, MTEC President and Chairman at the recent MTEC Members Meeting held at SwRI.
MTEC members receiving a tour of the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), MTEC member and host of the 2nd Annual Membership meeting.
MTEC Members touring The Center for the Intrepid, a rehabilitation facility providing state-of-the-art amputee care, assisting United States servicemen and women as they return to the highest levels of physical, psychological and emotional function.

MTEC 2nd Annual Membership Meeting

held at Southwest Research Institute San Antonio, Texas on March 30, 2017

MTEC Solicitation Process

Presented by: Polly Graham, Program Manager

MTEC Active and Upcoming Funding Opportunities

Presented by: Dr. Lauren Palestrini, Director of Research Programs

MTEC Funding Initiatives

Presented by: Dr. Lester Martinez Lopez, MPH, Major General (Ret), U.S. Army, President and Chairman

Dr. Susan Raymond, Director of Strategic Funding

Bill Howell, Chief Operating Officer

MTEC Partners With the U.S. Army to aid Service Members Through Vision Restoration Research – March 17, 2017
The Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium is pleased to announce four selectees for the research project awards issued under its Brain Machine Interface Prototype Development for Vision Restoration for Project Proposals.

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Third Quarterly Newsletter – May 15, 2017

MTEC Solicitation Process, Active & Upcoming MTEC Funding Opportunities, MTEC Fundraising Initiatives and registration for webinars.

Second Quarterly Newsletter – November 10, 2016

MTEC Welcomes Dr. Robert Gallo and The Institute of Human Virology, the Board Nomination Policy is now online and your opportunity to support MTEC.