MTEC Ventures provides investment preparation support services to MTEC small business members that have gap funding needs and are fundraising to advance their medical technology development for both military and civilian use. MTEC Ventures, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (“MTEC”), a nonprofit corporation and 501(c)(3) exempt charitable organization.

Goals and Objectives

MTEC Ventures aims to achieve the following:

  1. Establish and grow a network of investors in emerging medical technology companies that serve MTEC’s military medical innovation and technology development mission supporting warfighter health and related civilian markets.
  2. Advance investment readiness of MTEC small business members participating in MTEC Ventures (portfolio companies) and connect them to investors.
  3. Facilitate access to capital for MTEC member medical technology development.

MTEC Ventures Council

Jill Sorensen

Jill Sorensen

Gautam Ghatnekar

Jonathan Miller

Ken Janoski

George Ludwig

Greg Sullivan