Teaming Portal

Teaming allows for the MTEC membership to come together, expanding each other’s knowledge, and leaning on the expertise of other organizations to further the development of research projects and products. Many of MTEC’s funding opportunities span a broad set of technical capabilities and expertise such as product development [e.g., dose, duration of treatment, pharmacokinetics (PK), and pharmacodynamics (PD)]; manufacturing (cGMP); preclinical studies that enable regulatory submissions; chemistry, manufacturing, and control (CMC); interactions with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA); and the planning, management, and execution of clinical trials. Teaming is often essential to an organization’s ability to respond to these complex funding opportunities. In the “Team Portal” on the MTEC members-only website MTEC offers the following opportunities to facilitate teaming.

The purpose of the Collaboration Database Tool is to provide both the MTEC membership and Government Sponsors a quick and easy way to search the membership for specific technology capabilities, collaboration interest, core business areas/focus, R&D highlights/projects, and technical expertise. This tool will help the membership in identifying potential teaming partners and aid government sponsors in identifying members that have the capabilities needed for government projects. Be sure to provide MTEC with a listing of the appropriate representative(s) from your organization that should have access to the MTEC members-only website; keep the listing current; and notify your organization of your MTEC membership as there may be other departments at your organization that may benefit from MTEC funding opportunities.

Dedicated chat rooms have been established to facilitate direct interaction amongst members in relation to active funding opportunities or more general teaming needs.  Check out the Team Portal on the Members only Website to stay up to date with the teaming requests by other members.

In partnership with govmates, MTEC offers members (at no additional cost) matchmaking services and access to the Innovation Resource Hub to provide member organizations with access to the critical tools needed to thrive. More information can be found in the TEAM portal on the members-only site.

MTEC M-Corps: Medical Product Commercialization ForumThe MTEC M-Corps is a vetted, network of subject matter experts and service providers to help MTEC members address the challenges associated with medical product development. M-Corps offers members a wide variety of support services, including but not limited to: Business Expertise [i.e., business development, business and investment planning, cybersecurity, finance, intellectual asset management, legal, logistics/procurement, pitch deck coaching, transaction Advisory], and Technical Expertise [i.e., chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC), clinical trials, concepts and requirements development, design development and verification, manufacturing, process validation, manufacturing transfer quality management, regulatory affairs]. Please visit the M-Corps page for details on current partners of the M-Corps.

MTEC members also have the option to leverage Army Medical lab capabilities (a list including points of contact can be found in the TEAM portal on the members-only website, under Teaming Documents.

MTEC offers routine Member Connects, which are virtual pitch sessions allowing members a chance to get to know each other and to obtain help from the MTEC ecosystem to further their development goals. Each of these sessions covers a particular technology focus area relevant to the MTEC mission. A schedule of the upcoming Member Connects can be found on the public MTEC website, here. Information on registering for these events will be sent out via the MTEC mailing list prior to the event.

Points of Contact are always included in every RPP.  Please reach out to these points of contact during the proposal preparation period so that MTEC can propagate your company’s capabilities to others interested in a particular solicitation.

MTEC members receive 12 months of complimentary access to Flex, MATTER’s membership offering that provides on-demand tools and resources to help grow your skills and advance your business on your own time, at your pace, all through the MATEER online portal.

This benefit is free to MTEC members through December 2024! *Typically $360 a year*

Who is MATTER:

MATTER is a global healthcare startup incubator, community nexus, and corporate innovation accelerator headquartered in Chicago. The MATTER collaborative includes more than 800 current and alumni startups from around the world, working together with dozens of hospitals and health systems, universities and industry-leading companies to build the future of healthcare. Together we are accelerating innovation, advancing care, and improving lives.

Learn more about MATTER on their website or on the MTEC Member’s Only site.

MTEC’s partnership with MATTER is part of a larger MTEC strategy to develop relationships with Accelerators throughout the country that complement and expand services we offer to our membership.

What is Flex:

Learn the fundamentals of how to run a business with trusted resources, connect with vetted subject matter experts and vendors to build your business, and join a global community of fellow healthcare innovators.

    • One-on-one mentor sessions with a rotating list of subject matter experts
    • Access to an on-line curriculum with more than 150+ modules
    • A directory of vetted professional services firms
    • A library of templates, frameworks and contracts
    • MATTER’s community Slack to connect with other healthcare startups (learn more about Slack here)

With the Flex membership, you can access the online portal whenever — and from wherever — you’d like.

You can learn more about what’s included in this one-pager.

Please note: access is limited to one account per MTEC member company. If you have any questions, you can email [email protected] with “MTEC” in the subject line.

To learn more on how to join MTEC and have access to this member benefit, visit 

Inform Portal

Additional information on the MTEC membership and their capabilities can be gained by attending MTEC hosted educational webinars. Some of that information can be found through our INFORM portal on the MTEC members-only site.

MTEC regularly hosts educational webinars with topics including regulatory and commercialization strategies, financing, and working with the government. Registered members will receive a full list of attendees. Attendance is optional and open to all MTEC members.  MTEC member organizations that offer expertise in the respective webinar topic may volunteer to present. Discussions at the end of the webinars encourage members to get to know each other and potentially find teaming partners for subsequent RPPs. Information on all upcoming and previously held webinars are posted on the public MTEC website, here. Recordings of all previously held webinars can be found on the members-only website in the INFORM Portal.

You can also access presentations and materials from past Annual MTEC Membership Meetings through the INFORM portal.