The MTEC Commercialization Program provides education, mentoring, networking, business development and investment support services to MTEC members. Our goal is to increase your engagement with other members, service providers, large industry, and funders to enable success.

What’s needed to successfully navigate the business, technical, and regulatory challenges to commercialize medical technology bring a medical technology?  Composing a business strategy, ensuring regulatory strategy is sound, and developing a pitch desk for potential investors require careful planning and insight. MTEC’s webinar series provides a forum to learn, develop and refine strategies for bringing technologies to market.  We offer Educational webinars on topics of interest, Showcases webinars to feature our subject matter experts that comprise our M-Corps Partners, and Spotlight webinars that feature our large industry members, federal labs and academic members.  A full schedule for the year can be found here. The members only website provide access to previous webinars and slides.

MTEC M-Corps is a network of subject matter experts and service providers that assist members with business, technical, and regulatory strategies for their medical technology at the election of a member company. MTEC’s M-Corps aligns innovators with military priorities, objectives and capabilities to ensure health and wellness of the Warfighter and Civilian. M-Corps offers members a wide variety of support services:

  • Technical guidance and advice – regulatory review preparation, trial design, execution support, and regulatory compliance assistance.
  • Business advice – IP/licensing and business development, Government Affairs support, access to General Services Administration (GSA) schedule for selling products to the federal government, market research, financial management and modeling, access to capital and investment support.
  • Templates for small business company profiles to include pitching the key features and competitive advantages of the applicable technology, as well as an ask for presenting to investors or third parties.

Investment pitch preparation, coaching and competition access.

MTEC has a growing roster of large industry partners that have joined MTEC for a variety of reasons, some with Medtech ventures divisions, others with mentor-protégé programs in support of small business teaming, others with resources to offer the MTEC network such as R&D, manufacturing, sales and distribution, clinical trials support, supply chain management and a variety of related  product prototyping and commercialization support. MTEC actively encourages all large industry members to participate in our Spotlight series to help inform our sponsors and other members about member offerings. We also actively scout new members, including those large business entities that have yet to learn about MTEC’s mission and network, to enhance teaming, collaboration and product development success.

MTEC holds Member Connects once a month to allow our members a chance to get to know each other, and for our members to get help from the MTEC ecosystem. Members will have an opportunity to make an ask and we are counting on the MTEC ecosystem to respond to those asks. MTEC strongly encourages our M-Corps partners and all MTEC members to attend all Member Connects to help our fellow members solve their current challenges. MTEC members have an option to register as either a REQUESTING MEMBER or SUPPORTING MEMBER. Learn more about the roles each member plays on the MTEC Member Connect page.

MTEC provides non-dilutive Commercialization Grant awards that fund M-Corps partner engagement for the purpose of providing members professional services that advance commercialization readiness. We funded thirteen awards in 2022 (Solicitation Number: MTEC-E22-06-Commercialization) that totaled $584,414 in non-dilutive funds. MTEC plans to provide Commercialization Grants in 2023.

The funds from these grants were used to support a partnership with an M-Corps provider that helps the applicant address challenges associated with technology development and commercialization. Scope of work includes business, technical, and strategic planning focusing on providing medical solutions to support readiness and care in future battlefield scenarios in support of Prolonged Field Care (PFC), Medical Readiness, and Maximizing Human Potential.

MTEC also is developing relationships with a co-investment circle of potential angel and venture funding firms and with the Military’s Advanced Development Division to bring opportunities for prescreened members to pitch their company in a small, focused environment. MTEC Ventures, a non-profit division of MTEC, will serve as convenor of this investor action network to help source and connect affinity investors to MTEC members raising funds to support medtech development, starting in Q2 2023.