Design Interactive: A Mobile Application For Anytime, Anywhere, Hands-On Training

Over 17% of deaths related to combat could have been survivable had both the combat lifesavers and combat medics been properly trained. Design Interactive was funded to develop AUGMED® for modern medical training to address this issue.

Noctem: Scaling Behavioral Sleep Medicine with Digital Monitoring

Insomnia is the most prevalent sleep disorder among service members compromising readiness, health, productivity, and performance. NOCTEM® developed COAST as a clinical decision support software platform to address this issue.

RoosterBio: Commercial Scale-up of Stem Cells for Regenerative Medicine

Stem cell therapy holds great promise for treating both military and civilians who are severely injured by using cells from a donor to treat another person’s injury. BioBridge Global and RoosterBio® tackled this challenge by developing RoosterReplenish and RoosterVial.

Humacyte: Treating Traumatic Injury with Bioengineered Human Tissues

Extremity wounds can be devastating with complex trauma resulting in severely impaired limb function or amputation. To address this, Humacyte® is pioneering the development of implantable bioengineered human tissues with the Human Acellular Vessel™ (HAV).