Your donation helps us enhance healing and return the wounded to fully functioning lives.


MTEC seeks medical researchers and technologists to help our warfighters and veterans.

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Any government organization or private foundation can fund research through MTEC.

devastating decade

The past decade has been hard for soldiers and veterans. Technology offers solutions to make things better for them. We’re determined to see that it does. We need your help.


blast-related eye injuries


lost at least one limb


suffer from severe brain injury

MTEC research is concentrated on areas of medicine that make the wounded whole again. Examples include sight restoration and regenerative medicine.

Their Stories

Learn about the people we want to help.

US Army Vet Justin Lansford

Advanced prosthetics make Justin's life livable. Staff Sergeant Justin Lansford of Silver Spring, Maryland was serving as a squad leader and machine gunner in...

Holly Will Not Give Up

Holly Katke always wanted to help people. It’s what made her work so hard at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center, what drove...

We’re Going to Take Care of One Another

Be innovative. Be creative. Reinforce the good. MAJ Peter Mitchell is a retired U.S. Marine currently working for United States Central Command. His entire...

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  • June 19 - June 22 at San Diego Convention Center

    MTEC will be at the International Bio Conference. Come visit to see what we're up to and how you can participate!

  • MTEC will be at the International Bio Conference. Come visit to see...


MTEC awards federally-funded research projects to develop technologies that will treat warriors’ injuries in a way that makes the wounded whole again.
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    Supporting the growth and function of several human cell types for regenerative medicine.
  2. Donated: $0.00
    These cells will accelerate clinical translation of cell therapies and tissue engineering technologies.
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    This project will develop injectable, settable bone void filler and prepare for FDA approval.
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    Formulating a base bio-ink for bioprinting and adjusting stiffness to match native tissues.


Together we can change things.

It’s easy to join and participate in the MTEC collaboration. Large businesses, small businesses and universities can all benefit from participation and together we can help the men and women of our military and society in general.

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