May 2, 2019

SpherIngenics Completes their MTEC Prototype Acceleration Award to Develop a Platform for the Treatment of Infected Wounds

SpherIngenics, Inc. recently completed their MTEC Prototype Acceleration Award aimed to develop an alginate microbead technology for the treatment of challenging wounds, such as infected wounds. With MTEC funding, this project developed a system to encapsulate growth factor-loaded microparticles into a sustained release, alginate microbead system. This system was then tested in vitro (bench-top experiments) for the ability to promote angiogenesis (new blood vessel formation). Next, in vivo tests (animal experiments) were performed evaluating this system for wound closure using type I and type II diabetic rats as a model of chronic wounds. Finally, incorporation of silver nanoparticles into the microbead system was tested and shown to be an effective antimicrobial therapeutic to fight against wound infection both in vitro and in vivo. This project is now ready to advance into large animal proof-of-concept studies as the next step toward regulatory application. MTEC is excited to follow this project through its next set of milestones.