November 1, 2019

Advancing Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing Solutions: Paving the Way for New Regenerative Medicine Products

The RegenMed Development Organization (ReMDO) manages an industry-driven consortium and develops regenerative medicine manufacturing solutions in the precompetitive space. Two currently funded programs include developing a universal media to support clinical cell manufacturing and developing a tunable bioink to support 3D bioprinting / biomanufacturing. Each of these programs is driven by partnering with industry to advance platform technologies. Recent advances made by each of these programs will be briefly highlighted below.

Recent accomplishments for the ReMDO Media Program include developing several base media formulations to support cell growth. In addition to developing the base media, we have engineered supplements to grow challenging cells, and have also developed a commercialization strategy. We have also worked with our industry collaborators to generate media for real-world testing by both internal and external collaborators.

Recent accomplishments for the ReMDO Bioink Program include developing bioink formulations for specific tissue types, developing bioink supplements for challenging cell types, and engineering base bioink formulations for 3D printing / additive manufacturing. We are currently applying the same strategy to different printer platforms. In addition, standard operating procedures are being developed for different bioengineering technologies.

ReMDO is grateful for the opportunity to work with MTEC to advance these regenerative medicine manufacturing platform technologies which will aid in bringing new regenerative medicine products to both the wounded warrior and the civilian population.