May 28, 2020

COVID-19 – A Global Issue, A Shared Goal

COVID-19 – A Global Issue, A Shared Goal

In this time of uncertainty, MTEC has been furiously working on a number of fronts to accelerate the development of needed solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic.  As part of the global effort to counteract its spread, we have issued three solicitations to date that will support the country’s response to the pandemic.  In total, we plan to award more than $50 million in the fight against the virus.
Solicitations we’ve issued include requests for proposals that seek to:

  • – Develop wearable sensors to detect early symptoms of coronavirus;
  • – Identify therapeutic treatments for COVID-19 to be used in a non-hospital settin;, and
  • – Refine tele-critical care solutions to support local, regional and ultimately national COVID-19 care and situational awareness.

These efforts have also been highlighted on:

We are determined in our resolve to identify the very best solutions to the multiple challenges COVID-19 presents, and to get funding to those solutions as fast as possible.  To help us in executing this most critical mission, please visit