M-Corps Showcase: Case Study: MTEC Commercialization Grant Enabling Transformative Market Research and Financial Models

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Strategic Consulting helps organizations make multimillion dollar business decisions based on the right data and expert insight. Today’s presentation will dig into how MTEC’s Commercialization Grant enabled LBG to work with an MTEC member to understand their product market and build towards commercial access. We will specifically discuss how we helped analyze their product market, evaluate strategic opportunities, and assess the impact on financials outcomes. Ultimately, these strategies can vary significantly depending on the source of funding and your company’s current overall business strategy. With our blend of experience across different organizations, industries, and funding sources (VC, US Government, Publicly Traded, and NGO), LBG has helped answer many strategic questions to ensure that businesses are meeting their corporate goals. Here are a few examples:

• What does my consumer profile look like?
• How can we show a potential investor how valuable our technology is?
• Are our deal terms reasonable?
• There’s lots of market reports out there – but we don’t trust them!
• We need to evaluate strategic opportunities between suppliers (Is it more expensive? / What are the competitive trade-offs?)
• How can I marry our non-dilutive funding strategy with potential investors?

LBG’s expertise in both the life sciences arena and the government arena sets us apart from our competitors. We pride ourselves on our well-established contacts and our highly skilled team members, many of whom hold advanced degrees in the field of life sciences and utilize their expertise to meet your strategic goals.


Chris Peterson – Director, Strategic Consulting
Sayan Paria, MS, MBA – Senior Associate, Strategic Consulting

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