Leveraging Outsourcing to Maximize Value and Manage Compliance for Government Contracts

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Description: Government contracts provide an important resource for R&D funding and procurement contracts. However, contracting with the government comes with unique process requirements, compliance mandates, and even its own language. Many firms find that it is expensive and inefficient to attempt to staff all of the expertise required to meet the needs of doing business with the government.

JC3 provides holistic support for government procurement contracts from concept through execution.  We assist clients in assessing their technology, products and/or services to determine the applicability in the Federal Sector. A rigorous research program determines the best target markets based on matching Technology Readiness Level (TRL), functionality, price and operating characteristics with the current technology strategy, operating needs, and budget priorities of the Government. We assist companies in developing concepts of operations that directly apply their technologies to government use cases uniquely fulfilling mission capability gaps while skillfully meeting government challenges for suitability, feasibility, and acceptability.  When needed to fully meet the government requirement, we assist in developing and executing partnering strategies. Once government contracts are won, we assist in project performance and management and support regulatory compliance. www.jc3.solutions.

This webinar will explore through case studies some of the challenges firm typically experience in government contracting and how outsourcing can be an efficient solution.

Moderator: Andrew Roscoe, Managing Partner JC3


John Coleman, Managing Partner, JC3

Brian Lasagna, Managing Partner, JC3

General James Myles, President, Myles Associates

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