Federal Showcase: BARDA DRIVe Overview of how we promote and support Innovation

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What are participants going to walk away with? Medical Counter Measures (MCMs) to health security threats, natural or man-made, need rapid and innovative responses. In the Division of Research, Innovation, and Venture (DRIVe) at the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority we identify, promote, and support innovations in MCMs in their early stages. We support not only the development of the technology, but equally importantly, the small businesses and start-ups creating the technology. We have tossed the pipeline metaphor for development and envision a Highway, where companies onramp at different stages and have several choices of exits. We work to provide roadmaps, information signs, guidance systems, and even fuel stops to help innovators journey to a successful exit.

Speaker: David Winter, PhD, Program Manager, BARDA

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