How to Join


Membership offers many benefits, including:

  • Insight into Government research needs. This helps companies understand opportunities and target Internal Research and Development (IR&D) investments in areas that align with Government needs.
  • Access to the Federal market by small and emerging firms. The Government desires innovations from small companies, but those companies often lack the contracting experience and capabilities to partner with the Government. MTEC membership makes it easy for the smallest company to compete for federally-funded research and technology development.
  • Networking opportunities. Organizations can partner with and learn from one another and government stakeholders at events, conferences and forums.

Joining MTEC is a simple process.

The following step-by-step guide is provided for your convenience.
  • Step 1: Download the Consortium Member Agreement (CMA).
    Review and sign on page 19.
  • Step 2: Review and fill out the Membership Application beginning on page 19 of the CMA.
    Be sure to complete all applicable fields on pages 20-22 and sign page 23.
    If operating under Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence (FOCI) please complete page 25.
  • Step 3: Review Exhibit B, Proprietary Information Exchange Agreement. (pages 26-28)
    Once reviewed, please sign page 28.
  • Checklist:
    • Signed Signature Page of the Consortium Member Agreement (page 18)
    • Organizational Capabilities Description of the Applicant’s business as it may apply to research and development in the biomedical technology field, and any additional capabilities of interest the Applicant feels may be applicable to biomedical technology (page 22)
    • Signed Membership Application
    • Sign the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium Export Compliance Acknowledgment Form. Required for applicants operating under Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence (page 25)
    • Signed Signature Page of the Proprietary Information Exchange Agreement (Exhibit B)
The majority of applicants can expect approval within a few days; a little longer if additional information is needed.
If you have questions or need any assistance completing this process please contact:
Stacey Lindbergh, Executive Director
Chelsea Anthony, Program Assistant