Universal Media to Support Expansion of Human Cells

The use of cell culture medium to support the growth of cells is at the core of many regenerative medicine products. The simplification of this complex medium will enable the development of a wide range of commercially-available products that repair, replace or regenerate injured body parts.

Project Team: RegenMed Development Organization
Award Amount: $5,000,000 (does not include proposed cost share of $5,200,000)
Project Duration: 60 Months
Project Objective: The overall objective of this project is to develop a well-defined xeno-free basal medium that supports the growth and viability of human cells derived from each of the three germ layers, and that can be used in conjunction with three specific supplements, each of which has been optimized to support the expansion of cells derived from one of the three germ layers. These germ layer-specific formulations will then be augmented with additional factors tailored to support the growth and function of several specific human cell types commonly employed in regenerative medicine. Since all formulations will be derived from the same “universal” basal medium, review by domestic and regulatory agencies will be greatly simplified and manufacturing costs will be substantially lowered.

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