Development of a Universal Bio-ink for Bioprinting

Imagine using 3D printing to replace body parts lost as a result of war, civilian trauma, or disease, such as ears, skin, bone, and even organs.

Project Team: RegenMed Development Organization

Award Amount: $5,000,000  (does not include proposed cost share of $5,200,000)

Project Duration: 60 Months Project Objective: The overall objective of this project is to formulate a base bio-ink with a modular cocktail of cross-linkers that can be used to tune the mechanical properties of the hydrogel, both for bioprinting, and for adjusting the final stiffness of the bioprinted construct to match the stiffness of native tissues, ensuring optimal cell survival and tissue construct function. A series of bioprinting experiments will be conducted using several representative human cell types, with various bio-ink formulations and across a range of printing resolutions, to confirm that the greatest bioprinting speed is attainable while maintaining construct ultrastructure, cell viability, and function. A library of formulations using the standardized components will then be generated to provide reference points for fine tuning bio-inks for additional applications. The development of this almost infinitely tunable bio-ink formulation will make it possible to achieve cost efficient manufacturing of a wide range of bioprinted regenerative medicine products.

image of 3D printing to replace body parts

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