Bone Marrow Stem Cells for Regenerative Medicine

Project Team: BioBridge Global; Rooster Bio, Inc.; StemBioSys; US Army Institute for Surgical Research
Award Amount: $8,079,619
Project Duration: 36 Months
Project Objective: The technology area being investigated is the development of large scale manufacturing and quality control of Regenerative Medicine – based products. The specific goal of this project is to make Xeno-Free human mesenchymal stem cells widely available. This will be accomplished by adapting existing technologies (at RoosterBio, Inc., BioBridge Global, US Army Institute of Surgical Research and StemBioSys) and by developing and implementing large scale Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliant manufacturing technologies. These cells will benefit both military and civilian regenerative medicine applications by accelerating clinical translation of cell therapies and tissue engineering technologies.

image of stem cell

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