Additional Member Opportunities

Fight for Sight

The Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC), in partnership with Fight for Sight, is
excited to post this announcement for a Request for Proposals focused on the development of
a device, biologic, or combination prototype that supports vision restoration after traumatic
eye injury. Proposals selected for this award must have relevance to the healthcare needs of
military Service members, Veterans, and beneficiaries.

Research Topics of Interest:

Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the development of a prototype that:

  1. Enhances optic nerve regeneration;
  2. Re-establishes neuronal connections between retinal ganglion cells and the lateral
    geniculate nucleus with high efficiency; or
  3. Restores vision via a visual prosthesis that stimulates visual pathways in either the a) the
    lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) or b) primary visual cortex, and provides appropriate
    punctate stimuli with either a) electrical stimulation or b) optical stimulation for
    photolysis of caged excitatory neurotransmitters, photoswitches, or optogenetics. The
    visual prosthesis ultimately should provide the ability to navigate for ambulation,
    identify faces and objects critical to daily life, and read large print.

Because MTEC will have no role in determining eligibility and administering the award, we
encourage applicants to contact the Fight for Sight staff directly with questions. If you would
like to speak with someone at MTEC regarding this opportunity, please contact Dr. Lauren
Palestrini, Director of Research, at

Refer to the Fight for Sight website for more information regarding this funding opportunity:

To read the full Request for Proposal, click HERE.