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MTEC understands the importance of sharing technical requirements as soon as possible with both members and to potential consortium members in order to allow the maximum possible time to prepare, team, and identify both public and private solicitation sponsors.  Draft Request for Project Proposals will be shared via email upon request and this website.  Understand that this information is draft in nature and changes could occur prior to publication of final documents.  For specific Request for Project Information or Request for Project Proposal inquiries, please direct your correspondence to the following contacts:

  • Questions concerning contractual, cost or pricing should be directed to the MTEC Contracts Manager, Ms. Lisa Fisher,
  • Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) for most proposed projects must be identified and included with the Technical Proposal. TRL definitions are provided here. Technical related questions should be directed to the MTEC Director of Research, Dr. Lauren Palestrini, Ph.D.,
  • Questions concerning membership should be directed to Ms. Stacey Lindbergh, MTEC Executive Director,
  • All other questions should be directed to Ms. Polly Graham, MTEC Program Manager,


Systems Biology
Due:  August 31, 2017, 12:00pm EDT

The Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC) is excited to post this announcement for a Request for Project Information (RPI) focused on the use of systems biology approaches to: i) better understand drug-resistant infectious diseases at their molecular, cellular, and systems levels, and ii) identify new potential products and develop them into prototypes for the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases. MTEC’s systems biology initiative is focused on utilizing an integrative rather than reductionist approach to understand how biological systems function and interact as a whole. The goal of this initiative is to design an integrated and collaborative research and prototype development portfolio leveraging known or emerging knowledge of the regulatory processes of resistance mechanisms with the purpose of integrated validation, and prototype development with follow-on translation into clinical use. This RPI contains background material and guidance for the preparation of project information paper submissions to the MTEC.

Request for Project Information:  Systems Biology_RPI_14July2017
Attachment 1:  Appendix A-D
Attachment 2:  Summary_v2_20170124

Due:  September 29, 2017, 12:00pm EDT

This Request for Project Proposals (RPP) is aimed to solicit white papers from prospective and current MTEC members for a broad range of medical technological solutions related to the following Technology Focus Areas:

  1. Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious Diseases
  2. Care of Combat Casualties
  3. Clinical and Rehabilitative Medicine
  4. Military Operational Medicine
  5. Medical Simulation and Information Sciences
  6. Advanced Medical Technologies
  7. Advanced Medical Regulatory and Manufacturing Technologies

For specific areas of technical interest, please refer to the full RPP. Proposed projects should not be exploratory in nature and do require a foundation of preliminary data (minimum of Technology Readiness Level 4). Offerors whose technology solution is selected for further consideration based on White Paper evaluation will be invited to submit a proposal in Stage 2, which may require oral presentations, a commercial solutions offering (solutions brief), and/or full proposal submission using either the Full Project or Small Project Proposal Preparation guides. The funding amount for this RPP is unspecified, and the number of awards is indeterminate and contingent upon funding availability. Any funding that is received by the USAMRMC and is appropriate for a research area described within this RPP may be utilized to fund proposals/applications. There are no specified funding limitations identified for a proposal submitted under this RPP. A budget should be commensurate with the nature and complexity of the proposed research. MTEC membership is NOT required for the submission of a white paper in response to this MTEC RPP. Requirements of the White Paper can be found in the full RPP.

Amendment 1 Request for Project Proposal:  Amendment 01 MTEC Solicitation for Multi-Topic
Multi-Topic FAQs:  MTEC 17-08 Multi-Topic FAQs

Academic Institutions: Please refer to this Guidance on Traditional vs. Nontraditional Defense Contractor Status to help you determine your status.